Wood-fired ovens are about more than just perfect pizza. Almost any recipe can be adapted. Discover a multitude of dishes that you can create with this gourmet appliance while spending quality time with friends and loved ones.


Cooking with an open fire brings out unique flavours in every dish, from delectable appetizers, roasts, bread, vegetables, hearty stews to even mouth-watering puddings.


Wood burning pizza ovens have a long legacy in the world of cooking. So, gather your family and friends around your oven to cook a range of gourmet foods.

We have 3 different models wood burning pizza ovens to cater for all different needs and affordability. From
entertaining family and friends at home, to catering for guests at your lodge or small restaurant


Optional extras:

                             Slide-out stainless-steel preparation table                             
                             Mobile stand for wood burning oven


Pizza Ovens

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Our Magnifique model bakes 1 large or 2 regular pizzas at a time. This oven is suitable to use next to your built-in braai and fits into smaller entertainment areas. Our small oven has a big enough opening to bake your own bread or medium sized oven dishes.


Outside Diameter: 880mm wide x 770mm deep
Inside Diameter: 650mm
Height: 600mm
Weight: 75kg
Standard Chimney: 800mm

Al Fresco Magnifique wood burning pizza oven with door, standard stainless-steel chimney and utensils:

Our Grande oven is the ideal size for larger families or entertaining friends at home. Generous inside diameter to bake 2 large or 3 regular pizzas at a time or any other slow roasting or baking to perfection with an authentic wood fired taste.


Outside Diameter: 970mm wide x 920mm deep
Inside Diameter: 775mm
Height: 700mm
Weight: 120kg
Standard Chimney: 800mm

Al Fresco Grande wood burning pizza oven with door, standard stainless-steel chimney and utensils:

The Festivo oven bakes 3-4 large pizzas at a time. Superior heat absorption and retention ensures a quick turn-around time. Very large opening and inside cooking space allows this oven for unlimited cooking experiences. This oven can also be enjoyed at homes with large families or the regular home entertainers.


Outside Diameter: 1100mm wide x 1030mm deep
Inside Diameter: 900mm
Height: 750mm
Weight: 150kg
Standard Chimney: 800mm

Al Fresco Festivo wood burning pizza oven with door, standard stainless-steel chimney and utensils